We always take a broader perspective. The STIEL motto is: if you can make it yourself, you should make it yourself.

Running a company or organization entails daring to take risks and being prepared for the future. This is how you build resilience. STIEL assists ambitious companies and organizations in developing intelligent strategies. Inspired by Henry Mintzberg’s concept of ‘Strategic Thinking as ‘Seeing”, STIEL distinguishes itself through a unique blend of business strategy and feasibility studies. This approach involves a thorough analysis of factors such as land availability for the factory, access to raw materials, energy supply, licensing procedures, and the availability of qualified personnel. This enables us to not only develop robust business cases but also to establish efficient production chains or explore new markets.

We are pleased to share the four key insights of the STIEL approach.

1 Running an organization requires courage

Our expertise in shaping strategies and conducting feasibility studies is essential for companies aiming for growth, sustainability, and a strong market position. Navigating new market challenges or restructuring outdated processes often involves making tough decisions. At STIEL, we understand that achieving goals involves more than just following industry trends or imitating competitors. Our approach is tailor-made; we analyze every facet of your business – from past to future innovations, from macro to micro levels, and from every conceivable angle. With this strategic perspective, supported by our extensive knowledge and expertise, we chart the course towards achieving objectives through action-oriented plans. Our substantive knowledge and expertise enable us to approach and execute projects swiftly and efficiently.

2 Demonstrably earning money (back) is possible based on strategy

During a visit to a factory, primarily intended for the processing of semi-finished products, Bert Bult from STIEL comes across a significant opportunity for the company to become self-sufficient in production. The company has the potential to take a critical step towards operational autonomy. This insight, which not only promises a reduction in dependence on the world market but also directly leads to CO₂ reduction and cost savings, is characteristic of STIEL’s strategic outlook. We always take a broader view. The STIEL motto therefore is: if you can make it yourself, you should. In a production chain, we immediately identify opportunities for self-sufficiency. We then conduct various feasibility studies to demonstrate the viability of such a project. These studies not only support the vision but also outline the concrete path to realization. Because every year the plan remains inactive, money is lost.

3 The strength of our feasibility studies

At STIEL, we understand that becoming self-sufficient can be a crucial step for an organization. Our feasibility studies, conducted by a multidisciplinary team, focus on various essential aspects. We do this for various industries, but these aspects must be present in every feasibility study. Firstly, we analyze the suitability of the location for implementing our plan, including the availability of land with access to necessary raw materials. Next, we scrutinize the energy supply, a vital element for operations in certain sectors, such as building a complete factory. Read more about this in our case study on Purified Metal Company. Additionally, we always examine the availability of qualified personnel for project execution, which can sometimes be challenging, especially when it comes to recruiting mechanical or electrical engineers for a technical project.

Whether it’s developing new markets, navigating financial challenges, or restructuring for growth, our team provides thorough analyses and develops robust business cases. We ask critical questions and translate our insights into actions, steering organizations towards the point on the horizon, even in the most challenging circumstances.

4 Perseverance can be based on well-considered choices

STIEL assists both small businesses and companies working with substantial volumes. We support them in navigating the complexity and risks associated with significant business decisions. Continuing to conduct risk analyses hinders some companies from growing. It therefore requires considerable entrepreneurial strength and skills to take the right steps towards the goal. STIEL stands alongside entrepreneurs, advises, and oversees complex decision-making processes. Even if it means the choice must be to exit the market. With a dedicated team that combines expertise with a personal approach, STIEL ensures that an organization is ready for the future.

“We are skilled at substantiating strategic
decisions with a broad perspective, executing the shared goal in achievable steps.

A powerful ally

Every organization facing a strategic dilemma finds a powerful ally in STIEL. We stand for creativity and perseverance. Our passion for entrepreneurship and commitment to personal contact ensure a collaboration that goes beyond consultancy: STIEL is the partner in developing new markets and increasing returns, even when a company has been incurring losses for years. Whether an organization is poised for growth, transformation, or a challenging transition, STIEL identifies opportunities and provides the expertise, guidance, and support needed. Is your organization ready for cost-cutting or restructuring? Let’s conduct an analysis.

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