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Growth in retail

A manufacturer of an A-brand had lost a lot of market share due to a combination of long delivery times, quality problems and little ability to differentiate in the market. A strategic plan has been developed and implemented. The result was solving the operational problems and major investments in the brand, including the introduction of shop-in-a-shop concepts in the market. The company has grown strongly in turnover, profit and market share ever since and is still a major player in the market.

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Purified Metal Company

During the establishment and development of the specialized recycling company Purified Metal Company (PMC), STIEL and the other two initiators are faced with numerous crucial questions. What does the market for contaminated steel look like? Is there sufficient material available? What are the financial prospects of our plan? Can we find suitable suppliers for both the construction and installation of the factory? To answer these questions, we conduct careful analyses.

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KMWE Tool Managers

KMWE Toolmanagers a manufacturer of tools for the wood and metal processing industry. The company also has a high-quality sharpening service. The management of KMWE Toolmanagers asked STIEL Strategy, in collaboration with the management, to develop a new strategy and support the implementation. The strategy has now been developed and the company is in the middle of the implementation process. Strengthening the sales and operational organisation, in combination with a focus on liquidity and working capital, are important elements in this.

Growth in healthcare

A healthcare company has grown strongly in recent years. Without considering possible changes in the healthcare market, investments were made in (among other things) buildings, IT and the number of employees. This did not take into account possible shrinkage in the future. At the time of the contraction, a recalibration of the strategy was urgently necessary. After a change of management, the strategy was mapped out and the implementation phase started.

Innovation in steel

For years, a steel producer has made insufficient investments in the market, installations and products. In addition, no attention was paid to lowering the cost price and improving production. The result was a loss of turnover and outdated machinery. A new strategy with a focus on lowering the cost price with innovative concepts, differentiation of the product range, investments in production, including the maintenance of obsolete installations and the introduction of ‘5S’ and ‘lean manufacturing’ processes, and expansion of the sales organisation has led to an increase in turnover and a new organisation culture.

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