Our approach

Bert started with strategy development and implementation at various organisations. Over time, his approach has proven to be similar to that described by Henry Mintzberg in 2018, Strategic Thinking as ‘Seeing’.

Developing a strategy is not following a sector or industry recipe or copying a competitor’s strategy or doing what has always been done. We take a strategic view when developing the strategy. This means that we look forward (expected developments, innovations, etc.), backwards (a good understanding of the past), from above (like a helicopter above the forest), from below (understanding the smallest details), sideways (inserting creativity) and beyond (mapping an expected future).

Then the last ingredient is brought in that the strategy must be seento the end. It is simply a matter of hard work to implement the strategy. A strategy is not finished by only developing it.

Strategic Thinking as ‘Seeing’
Model by Henry Mintzberg

Strategy session and implementation

We always start the strategic process with a multi-day meeting. All disciplines from the organisation or company are represented during this meeting. Good preparation is a requirement, so that the situation can be viewed from all directions. The result will be a rough outline of the strategy.

After this meeting, follow-up steps are planned to formulate the strategy, after which the implementation phase can begin. This process can be followed intensively, whereby years of experience are brought in and pitfalls can be avoided.

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