Success comes comes with a choice
and when you are persistent
in implementation

Making smart choices? Sustainable business? Transforming organisations and steering them in the right direction? STIEL helps ambitious organisations develop smart strategies. And that is not all of it yet. Because the right guidance in the implementation of activities with which the objectives are achieved, that is our strength. Tenacity and adaptive entrepreneurship can be learned.

Questions that STIEL helps with

  • How do we define a strategy that everyone believes in
  • How do we determine the dot on the horizon and make sure we get there
  • How can we restructure and simultaneously develop new markets
  • How can we start growing and make a profit while we have been running at a loss for years
  • How do we ensure that our family business is handed over to the next generation with a clear strategy and a strong team
  • How do we determine the best strategy with the available resources, machines and people
  • How can we reduce dependence on suppliers of strategic raw materials by, for example, starting production ourselves
  • How do we prevent our A-brand from losing market share and assure that is starts growing again
Bert Bult

We are happy to help you to determine
the dot on the horizon
and help you getting there

Bert Bult is the founder of STIEL. He is an experienced strategy advisor and board member. He has a proven track record in strategy development and implementation. As CEO of various companies, he has developed and successfully implemented new strategies. Creativity and tenacity are required here. Due to his long experience as CEO in various sectors, Bert can rely on a wealth of experience. Focus areas are the circular and sustainable economy, industry and healthcare. Dedication and personal contact are central to this.

What’s in it for you

  • Growth through tight direction
  • Well-founded decisions
  • Motivated people
  • Healthy financial situation

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