Last week the STIEL approach was explained. Many responses have been received. Very fun and educational! Many questions concern the interpretation of the STIEL approach for concrete situations in which companies and institutions find themselves.

Relevant trends

This is discussed below and of course we would like to explain this personally. During a multi-day meeting, in which Bert Bult acts as chairman and contributes his years of experience, presentations are given about financial performance, HR developments, the primary process and customers and segments over the past few years (looking back). In addition, a closer look is taken at relevant trends that are essential for a good primary process, such as absenteeism and performance of machines and departments (from below). The participants are challenged to make an estimate of the expected future for the relevant organizational departments, such as innovations in production technology, new products and a change in customer wishes. Market reports and sector analyzes are included in this (looking ahead and beyond).

Creativity and ideas

Often, over time, a dynamic arises where creativity and ideas are brought in, which are already present but are not brought in during the normal work process (sideways and beyond). This happens during the meeting, breaks, evening hours, during meals or a fun activity (reflection). And the best thing is that as a result of presenting the information from all departments of the company or institution, the lively interaction, the difficult moments and reflection an overview is obtained and the dot on the horizon becomes increasingly clear (helicopter and beyond). At the end of the meeting there is a rough outline of the strategy. At the end of the meeting the enormous energy of the participants to get started with the implementation is a wonderful reward.

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