Last week the STIEL approach was explained in practice. It concluded that the participants in the strategy meeting return to the workplace full of energy and ready to start the implementation of the strategy. Implementation of the strategy often starts with the formulation of (sub) projects.

Actions and results

The plans are converted into concrete actions and results. A cockpit will be set up for the most important subjects, so that progress can be closely monitored. Effective implementation makes the difference between success and disappointment. However, the implementation process is not without challenges. It requires dedicated commitment and hard work. It means that obstacles and bottlenecks must be addressed. These bottlenecks can manifest in various forms, such as resistance to change, limited resources, poor communication or a lack of understanding of the strategic goals. It is vital to continuously and proactively find solutions to these bottlenecks. This requires a combination of analytical thinking, creativity, perseverance and buy-in from all layers of the organization.

Involving employees

Involving and enthusing employees is crucial to make the strategy land effectively. Employees need to understand how the strategy affects them personally and what benefits it offers them. In addition to addressing bottlenecks, strategy implementation can also involve a change in organizational culture. Existing habits, beliefs, and routines may need to be revised to support the strategy.

Hard work

All in all, strategy implementation requires hard work, persistence and the ability to overcome obstacles. It requires a culture of change and the active involvement of employees. By embracing these elements and carefully implementing the strategy, organizations increase the chance of success and achievement of the objectives. If desired, STIEL Strategy & Implementation, drawing on a wealth of experience, can closely supervise the implementation process.

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